Misterios mínimos

Guion y dirección de Carlos Essmann
10 min | 2015

Cortometraje ganador del Sundance Channel Short 2015


Four life stories replayed, to reveal a certain improbability. Pursuing a quest which is part of an approach that already underpinned his previous works (including the excellent Return of the Body Snatchers, VdR 2013), Carlos Essmann investigates what he describes as minimal mysteries, as opposed to the big ones such as UFOs, the pyramids or crop circles. Small fables — devoid of a moral apart from acknowledging a certain perplexity — that also examine, implicitly, the mechanisms of memory. By including a fumbling for memories in the account, as well as a self-reflective dimension, Misterios mínimos is built on slippery foundations, which moreover contributes to the fantasy of this fiction of the real. As accurate in its workship as it is amusing and bursting with comedy, it’s a film that might remind of surrealism, or perhaps Nordic humour, relocated to an Iberian setting…

Emilie Bujès [Visions du Réel 2015 Catalogue]

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